In contrast to traditional marketing research firms, Archetype Discoveries Worldwide does not rely on what people say.  Instead these discoveries use a unique blend of biology, cultural anthropology, psychology, and learning theories to discover the hidden cultural forces that pre-organize the way people behave toward a product, service or concept.

Unlike opinions that can change in a minute, cultural Archetypes are deeply imprinted in people's minds and strongly rooted in cultural codes.  The imprints form a permanent platform for marketing, new product design, innovation and improvement of products or processes, and more effective communication strategies.  Therefore, they are particularly useful for marketing managers, planners, product designers, change agents, trainers, advertisers, and public policy makers.

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide has conducted over 250 Discoveries, in more than 20 countries, for such diverse products, services, and concepts such as but not limited to: perfume, toys, cheese, security, quality improvement, nuclear power, credit cards, mergers, coffee, teenage pregnancy, forests, cars, and financial services.