Why do organizations like AT&T explore the Archetype of quality; Seagram's, the Archetype of whiskey; P & G, the Archetype of mouthwash; Security Pacific Bank, the Archetype of a bank; and the French Government, the Archetype of nuclear energy? Because they want to gain the competitive edge of knowing the Archetype associated with their activity.

When you know the Archetype, you suddenly have the key which gives meaning to what people say and do. Now you understand why. Suddenly, everything makes sense, even what sounded contradictory before.

Why are the French in favor of nuclear energy, when the Germans are against it? Why is the Japanese definition of quality unintelligible for Americans? Why is an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) not a bank (a branch, or element of a bank)? Why should a door never be pictured from inside and closed?

When your organization decides to perform an Archetype Discovery, you will gain:

  • Understanding - of the unspoken needs of your customer.
  • Knowledge - of the unconscious code related to your product, the Logic of Emotion. You know the consumers' unconscious language. You speak " Archetype."
  • Ownership - Within your organization, the Archetype Managers, the Core Team, and the Archetype Team, own the results. They made the discovery, did the presentation. They are the experts.
  • Alignment - Your staff now all speak the same language, and they understand it at the gut level. They know the unconscious meaning of the words they use; they share and bring into awareness the Logic of Emotion.
  • Team Building - One of the results of your ownership and alignment is to create a team that is highly motivated to use the knowledge of the Archetype, and to succeed in doing so. The relationship between your Product Managers and the Advertising Agency, for example, is transformed.
  • Action Plan - The purpose of the discovery is not to produce a report or a book, but to learn a language, and to use it. The Action Plan becomes a living thing. Before the end of the third phase, the staff starts using some of the findings and we usually have success stories before the end of the ten Imprinting Groups.
  • Coaching - and permanent support from the Archetype Discoveries team. You are the Champions; we are the coaches.
  • Short-Term Results - which you can measure, because we need to convince the rest of your organization of the importance of the code. These short-term results are crucial.
  • Long-Term Vision - of what you have to do, the short term can be evaluated in terms of the long-term goal.
  • Answer to the Question: What business are we in?
  • Integrated Strategy.
  • Consistency with the Archetype.