Archetype Discoveries Worldwide has been successfully guiding its clients' interests in marketing, advertising, research and development, and personnel since 1976. The reputation earned as the premier firm in breaking the code of the Cultural Archetype has come as a direct result of our commitment to customer satisfaction in implementing this unique process.

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide was founded by Dr. G. C. Rapaille to provide answers to the question: Why do people do what they do? Our goal is to provide you and your organization with the process and expertise necessary to discover the Archetype related to your product or service. We will continue to help implement this newfound knowledge as necessary. At the conclusion of the discovery, the client retains ownership of the discovery, and has a detailed Action Plan based on the discovery.

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide is unique. We are not consultants and do not charge by the hour or day. We do not conduct market research, and do not write reports. Our commitment to the client is that at the end of the process, you will thoroughly understand the Archetype studied. The Archetype Team will speak a common language, the unconscious Logic of Emotion of your customers.

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide is committed to increasing the client's competitive edge by providing you with a unique process, and by improving the skill and productivity of your staff people, they will perceive their customers in a completely new way.

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide is a discovery and an education process. The Archetype Team and Archetype Manager become experts on the Archetype. They will gain in-depth knowledge of the Logic of Emotions that have been discovered.

At the end of the process, the importance of the discovery will be self-evident. We spend most of our time helping the members of the Archetype Team put the knowledge of the Archetype into practical application.

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide is committed to your satisfaction. We remain available as long as you need us to implement the Archetype Action Plan.

Once we have, together, discovered an Archetype, it is YOURS. Archetype Discoveries Worldwide will not duplicate your discovery in the same culture, and will always give you priority to explore it in another culture.