To know the Archetype, or logic of emotions, is to have crucial information on what motivates people from different cultures to act the way they do. Just as Champollion, the nineteenth century French scholar, decoded hieroglyphics and revealed their message, and just as the microscope has revealed a world that formerly was not known to exist, Archetype Discoveries, by examining the collective unconscious, reveals the unspoken needs of people in a given culture.

It is obvious that people cannot tell you about their unconscious needs, but it is also obvious that this unconscious is the most important factor in their decision making process. Companies that do a lot of market research, and rely on opinion polls, admit the results are often confusing and contradictory."

People often say one thing and do another. Companies communicate rationally, often creatively, within their markets, but people respond emotionally and unpredictably. It somehow doesn't make sense.