A Cultural Archetype is a unique approach to uncover the unspoken and unarticulated needs and to discover the active forces behind behaviors.

This is not market research, this is not a study, we are not consultants this is a Discovery. Our unique methodology allows us to discover the unconscious Code.
Once you know the Code, you understand WHY people do what they do. What works and what does not work. You have new glasses to look at the world.

This methodology has been used by 50 of the fortune 100 companies including 35 codes for P&G and has a proven record of successes including the creation of the PT Cruiser for Chrysler that sold 2 million cars.

What is unique about this methodology?

We don't believe what people say. Most of the time people have no access to the real reason why they do what they do. We, therefore have to find another way than to just ask them to speak or to answer questions.

What people do, how they relate to any given topic is pre-organized by the unconscious structure that has been imprinted at an early age. This is why the sessions are called Imprinting sessions. They are specifically designed to activate the Reference system and to reveal the hidden code that gives access to these reference systems. We need 10 three-hour sessions with 20-25 participants each. (a total of 200 to 250 participants).

The first hour takes participants into their cortex. The second hour into the limbic brain and the third hour takes them into the reptilian brain. We recreate a brain activity similar to the one you have when you wake up in the morning. Usually for 5 to 10 minutes, you can still remember your dreams, but if you don't write them down or record them right away, they disappear very quickly and are usually gone forever. This means that during this short period of time, you still have access to these memories.
This is why we recreate this mental phase. Going through this process allows you to see what was there but that you never saw before. Without the microscope, you can't see the microbes.

When they are in this mental state, they write their first experience, their most powerful experience and their most recent experience.
This is anonymous. They are lying on the floor like in a psychoanalysis session and do not feel observed or judged.

We collect between 650 and 750 stories that will be analyzed and reveal their hidden codes. This analysis is done with the core team, the added value being that they are trained to see structures when other people only see the content. This in itself has tremendous value.

The brain does not have content – it only has structure. It is this structure that we have to discover. Levi-Strauss said, "a mother is not a woman, a mother is the space between a woman and a child". This is what we discover:, the space between.

The code is what explains the purpose of the different "spaces" between the elements.
This is how Champollion deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphics. We deliver the whole system, the Grammar and the vocabulary of the system; the code being the key to open the system. We deliver the Logic of Emotion, i.e., the tensions or the spaces between the Forces that organize the system. (The system is like the magnetic field that organizes all the elements of the system).