Client testimonials

Dr. Rapaille brings science to the business world. His approach is unlike any other research methodology. It delivers answers to questions that cannot be addressed through traditional focus groups marketing concepts.

Kevin Keller
GMAC Insurance

Today, with so many products at parity and often close to being commodities, Archetype Discoveries provides a unique and critical insight that other studies have failed to uncover.

David Tree
Creative Director

Our first Archetype Discovery gave me enough ideas to last a career. The way people talk about the Discovery process is kind of like being in love; everything you look at suddenly seems more alive.

Blake Emery
Organization Development
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

P&G's best approach to uncovering consumer unarticulated needs.

Procter & Gamble
Consumer Direct
Customer Marketing Solutions

Archetype studies "(1) give you a good picture of prevailing attitudes,(2) are very useful to help us understand the environment, (3) prevent making big mistakes and (4) are useful to avoid positioning products incorrectly.

Mr. Jean Claude Gaul
Rhone Poulenc, Japan

I have to tell you that the Archetype Discoveries we have done this year are perhaps some of the best research work this company has seen in a while.

Beth Comstock
GE Corporate

I still believe that Archetype was the most profound piece of work that we did at P&G.

Richard Essigs
Procter & Gamble