Once an archetype is discovered we can understand the behavior of a particular group or culture and we can therefore correctly anticipate the reaction of people. The process of understanding an archetype brings into awareness the unconscious dimension of a product, project, service, concept or corporate culture. At the same time, it also provides vital information about people's attitudes, behavior and motivation and is therefore suited to analysis of a wide variety of situations, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The effectiveness of any specific brand name or generic product in a particular culture (country) or many different cultures (countries).
  • Advertising campaigns or communication strategies related to a brand name, type of product, person, concept or issue including the identification of "words to lose" "words to use."
  • Examining the essence of a particular category of product, i.e. wine, cars, toothpaste, in order to develop more effective advertising campaigns.
  • Examining the use of a particular media communications strategy and its effectiveness with a particular product.
  • Examining the evaluation of the consumer - their unspoken needs and the implications for sales and marketing.
  • The value of a "tired" brand name and developing the necessary action plan to revive it.
  • Developing new products to add to an existing line.
  • Changing an existing product or concept to increase market share.
  • Examining a generic concept such as "beauty" to understand its implications for product design packaging as well as for distribution in multiple global markets.